Kunstcarlo Uwe Offner aus Wanfried Heldra in Deutschland               

  A communication for all  people of this world.  




It is the day where dark is the sunlight!
It is the day where dark is the sunlight!

When I made 197
9 this work, I was laughed at.
Today, many have passed the laugh!

This image was and is a food for thought for the people of this earth.
With these paintings I called out to 1972 / 1979:
HELP U.S. TO GET OUR WORLD" so our children can live with dignity in our "blue ball" in the future.
Image size ca
150 x 200 cm in private hands.
I never stop learning ... and will therefore remain forever a curious artistic laboratory.
Carlo Art - Uwe Offner from Wanfried Heldra Germany




   Als ich 1972 dieses Werk fertigte, wurde ich ausgelacht.   
 Heute ist vielen das Lachen vergangen!
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